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Resources & FAQs

Downloadable Resources

To make things as easy as possible, we’ve prepared some downloadable resources for you. Please don’t feel constrained by these… you can adapt them in any way that you want. Equally, if you come up with something better, feel free to use that instead. In fact, if you do come up with something better, drop us a line… we might even add it to our list of resources so that others can download it too!

Letter to school: A template letter that can be adapted and used to make contact with a local school.Download (DOCX)
View/Download (Google Docs)
Email to school: A template email that can be adapted and used to make contact with a local school.Download (DOCX)
View/Download (Google Docs)
Social media tile: Want to show your support for BA Day? Use our social media tile!Download (PPTX)
View/Download (Google Docs)
Event types and activities: Need some inspiration on how to structure your BA School Day visit? Check out this useful resource!Download (PDF)
View/Download (Google Docs)
Presentation Template: “On Stage Interview”: This presentation has been designed so that minimum preparation is needed.
The questions serve as an “on-stage interview”. You simply share the presentation and answer the questions as they appear. It is designed to be customised for the age group and time period that you have.
Download (PPTX)
View/Download (Google Docs)
Class Worksheets (Interviews): This exercise is aimed at children aged 7-12 years. This template provides you with a printable set of worksheets, one per student, that can be used to encourage students to ask questions about what the BA role involves.Download (DOCX)
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Community Resources: The following resources were produced by volunteers and groups in the BA community. Thanks to those who produced them!

Background and Script: A document outlining a background to the initiative, and a potential script that can be used or adapted as required. Contributed by Bluegrass IIBA ChapterDownload (DOCX)
View/Download (Google Docs)
Requirements Exercises: Three potential exercises which illustrate what requirements are and the importance of prioritisation.Contributed by Young Business Analysts (YBA) groupDownload (DOCX)
View/Download (Google Docs)
Role Play Exercise: Two potential role-play exercises: “the difficult stakeholder” and “lateral thinking”.Contributed by Young Business Analysts (YBA) groupDownload (DOCX)
View/Download (Google Docs)
Process Exercise: An exercise encouraging students to create a basic process flow diagram.Contributed by Young Business Analysts (YBA) groupDownload (DOCX)
View/Download (Google Docs)
Sailing Boat / SWOT exercise: This exercise is best suited to high-school, college and university students. It uses SWOT and a sailing boat exercise to discuss strategy.Contributed by Young Business Analysts (YBA) groupDownload (DOCX)
View/Download (Google Docs)
Presentation: A presentation introducing and explaining the role of the BA.Contributed by Young Business Analysts (YBA) groupDownload (PPTX)
View/Download (Google Docs)
Analysis Exercise: A presentation outlining an exercise where a value proposition, value chain analysis and SWOT analysis is conducted using TikTok as an example/case study. This is best suited to students already showing an aptitude for business (e.g. senior / college)Contributed by Ian RichardsDownload (PPTX)
(Google Docs)
Elevator Pitch: A short presentation outlining what BAs do, and why business analysis is necessary and useful.Contributed by Pinsent Masons BA teamDownload (PPTX)
View/Download (Google Docs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which countries are involved?
Business Analysts in all countries are encouraged to take part, to help celebrate Global BA Day.

Does it have to be 1st November?
No, any date that suits you, in or around week commencing 30th October.

Can I volunteer as an individual?

Can we volunteer as a team/BA Practice?
Yes! You may want to visit multiple schools individually, in pairs or create a panel event. There are lots of different models and it’s up to you to be creative and work with learning institutions to design a great BA School Day event!

Do I have to use the sample content provided by BA School Day?
No, be as creative as you wish.

Can you contact a school/institution on my behalf?
No, all arrangements are made directly the professional and the selected school.

What about safeguarding?
All BA School Day visits/volunteers will be subject to visitor polices and procedures defined by each school/institution.

Does it have to be a school?
No, you could also contact a college or university.

Should I only talk about business analysis?
No, you can discuss your whole career so far and career plans and aspirations.

Can I present in my local language/a language that is relevant for my location?
Yes! As a truly global initiative, we fully anticipate that people will present in whatever language is relevant and useful for them and the selected school.